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Studio report nr.9 (The full monty) 

With a one week perspective, it's almost like you have to ask yourself...what happened? The first two months of 2012 has without a doubt been the most intense in my life. Of course it's not an ideal situation to record under a tight deadline, nevertheless it's something you have to handle. Guess we'll have the answer to that specific question in about a month from now, regardless if we want it or not. Once again this is a very honest recording, where you can really hear, sense, feel, I mean almost smell the…Read more

Studio report nr.8 (The year of the dragon) 

To say the schedule's been tight lately, would be a vast understatement. On top of that, corrupt files and missing solos that eventually ended up in 13 hours of troubleshooting yesterday. When things like this occur during your first day of mixing, you really need to remind yourself that music is fun. Nevertheless, here we are Tomas Bodin (sound engineer) and me mixing the new HFMC opus "POWERPLAY" and let me tell you, we really grabbed the bull by the horn. We started with the "epic" of the album, "The…Read more

Studio report nr.7 (Double speed) 

It actually hit us like a bomb, when we (Tomas Bodin and me, both very occupied with the upcoming HFMC record as well as the opus "Crime Of The Century") realized the plan, The Flower Kings recordlabel Inside Out/Century Media, has for The Kings in the nearest future. The deadline for the master is 120303. Considering the fact that we started the recording at 120123, that's the world record right there, when it comes to producing a Flower Kings album. I spent all of yesterday at the "Cosmic Lodge" (nice to…Read more

Studio report nr.6 (Special brew) 

On "FuturePast" I was very keen on using my voice in as many different ways as possible, trying to avoid sounding the same all the time. Everything to try to please you listeners of course! On this recording the word of the day has been "GO FOR IT!" By that I mean, when the song requires I've been giving it all I've got...meaning less control but on the other hand, more attitude. Frankly I'm happy with most of it, while I'm still trying to get used to some of my vocal contributions. What I do know though…Read more

Studio report nr. 5 (Rocking Reckless again) 

As I've been doing lots of vocals lately, I've come to realize myself that the lyrics to some of the songs are more personal than I thought in the first place. Except for songs like "Venice CA", "Waves" (which are very personal and positive) and "The world keeps turning", I guess the lyrics are a bit darker this time, dealing with war, religion and other "serious" topics. As I've had a pretty turbulent year, maybe I chose to write about those things because it somehow reflected what I've been going through…Read more

Studio report nr.4 (The storm) 

Music is such a powerful thing! When I was younger, I thought by now I would have lost my passion for music. During this weekend I've learnt that my passion for music is even stronger than before. There were moments during this session that moved me in a way I've never experienced before. Just as I said, music is a powerful thing!

In the middle of the "storm" we managed to get a whole lotta work done. Tomas is very fast and effective in the studio and since I like to be very well prepared myself, we moved…Read more

Studio report nr.III (The somewhat smaller guy on the second floor) 

I must have been "dizzy" last night. I really don't know if I should laugh or cry? In studio report nr. II yesterday, I mentioned I could go on for "ages" in the studio 20 years ago, of course I meant 30 years ago. It's hillarious for Christ's sake! However just as I stated yesterday, that's certainly not the case nowadays. Anyway, we've now completed recording the backing tracks. During these 3 days we've been working on 8 songs and I have to say we've been a lot more careful this time compared to the…Read more

Studio report nr.II (Lying down feeding with the doubles) 

It's very common that you're in a more relaxed mood as soon as you've done your first day in the studio. That's what it was like today but it's a good feeling though. It's just that you have to remind the lads and even yourself sometimes, to play with the kind of "energy" the song requires (the older you get, the ears gets more and more tired). I have to confess, even your head gets tired faster nowadays. 20 years ago you could record for 15 hours in a row before someone reminded you that maybe it's time…Read more

Studio report nr.I (The earthquake) 

It's in fact walking distance from where I live to Big Jambo Studios. It's almost surreal to live that close to a nice studio like this. At 10 o clock sharp all the members of HFMC, sound engineer Jouni Niemi and Tomas Bodin entered the doors and within 5 minutes the "vibe" was there. To you who've met the band, I guess you know what I'm talking about. It's actually hard to describe but it's a kind of "lose and funky feeling", with a giant laugh just around the corner most of the time. After the compulsory…Read more

Studio Report No. 14 (April 15, 2010) 

The funny thing is that the mixes gets better and better, at least that what it feels like. In this process you do small adjustments along the way, which constantly improves the sound. Because of this fact we had to go back and take a look at the early mixes and "tweak" up the sound a little here and there. Last night we (almost) finished the song "Only my blood", which means that we've now mixed the 4 "epics" on the album (even if they're not even close to "Garden of dreams"=1 hour!, or some of the other…Read more