As I'm sitting here writing down the info on titles and the length of the songs of our upcoming album Powerplay, I'm actually listening to it. After a couple of sleepless nights , due to late night mastering (thank you Jouni), I'm finally here listening to the album for real. Of course I promised Reingold Records we'll be ready about a week ago (because of promotion etc and even that would be late). Nevertheless, right now the stuff is on it's way to Dicentia to become the final product - Powerplay:


1. "My river to cross" - 10.13
2. "The world keeps turning" - 04.10
3. "The final hour" - 12.28
4. "Waves" - 05.17


5. "Venice CA" - 04.59
6. "Is it ever gonna happen" - 07.57
7. "White butterfly" - 02.30
8. "The chosen ones" - 07.37
9. "Godsong" - 05.34

On top of everything else, I've been busy with the American working visas, booking of gigs and preparations for the upcoming HFMC shows. Gotta tell you, I'm actually to put it nicely fed up with all the practical stuff at the moment. Lucky for me, I met the lads in the Musical Companion last sunday. We had a meeting about the near future and we even played a couple of bars. I have to say, that felt like a gift from heaven to me, since it reminded me of why I'm doing all this - the love of MUSIC!

Powerplay releasedate:120423 (preorders 120413)

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