Studio report nr.4 (The storm)

Music is such a powerful thing! When I was younger, I thought by now I would have lost my passion for music. During this weekend I've learnt that my passion for music is even stronger than before. There were moments during this session that moved me in a way I've never experienced before. Just as I said, music is a powerful thing!

In the middle of the "storm" we managed to get a whole lotta work done. Tomas is very fast and effective in the studio and since I like to be very well prepared myself, we moved faster than the speed of light. I did acoustic 6 and 12 string-guitars for "Venice CA", "Godsong", "Waves" and a totally new and fresh little tune called "White butterfly". In fact it's so new, the lads in HFMC hasn't heard it yet (it's just my voice and my 12-string guitar so far). I'm not 100% sure it'll end up on the album but I think it would really sound good between two "big ones". I've even recorded all the vocals for "Venice CA", "Godsong" and "White butterfly". That's quite an achievement since there's more harmony vocals on "Godsong", than any other song I've recorded. We're gonna continue next week and I guess that goes for Anton, Kjell and Thomsson as well. By that time, I bet there's gonna be some "steaming hot" nights in their studios. MUSIC IS A POWERFUL THING!!!

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