Studio report nr.6 (Special brew)

On "FuturePast" I was very keen on using my voice in as many different ways as possible, trying to avoid sounding the same all the time. Everything to try to please you listeners of course! On this recording the word of the day has been "GO FOR IT!" By that I mean, when the song requires I've been giving it all I've got...meaning less control but on the other hand, more attitude. Frankly I'm happy with most of it, while I'm still trying to get used to some of my vocal contributions. What I do know though, is that it sounds "fresh and vital" (probably more than ever before) and the recording of my voice (the sound) has never been better.

Personally I got approximately 3 more hours of work to do, before it's time to mix the album. I've given the lads the deadline 120120. By then I shall have the percussion from Ola, some new and improved bass notes here and there from Thomsson. All the keys from poor Kjelle and some solos etc. from Anton. After that I'll be away for a while, but when I get back we're gonna mix the album as soon as we possibly can.

As I mentioned earlier, the keyword for this recording has been: "GO FOR IT!" With that said, I can state that this album rocks a lot more than our debut. Even though we have a ballad and even an acoustic song this time, the overall feeling I get when I listen through the material, is that there's a lot more going on. There's more guts in the playing and in my humble opinion, there's more "action" in the songs. Talking about my music, I like to think of it as my own "special brew". Last time I was very worried how it would come across because of all my different influences. This time I've decided for myself, that it's an advantage to be able to mix progressive/symphonic rock, classic rock, metal, soul and blues and hopefully make it a sound of your own. If you like it, it's fantastic! If you don't, there's not much I can do. Considering the reviews on "FuturePast", I guess there's only one way to go (down) and that scares me. Nevertheless, I know that the guys and me has done our utmost to make this a good record. At the point we are at the moment of the recording, I can truly tell you I'm proud. If we'll manage to get an awesome mix and an equally as good mastering of the record, with a little bit of luck...who knows?

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