Studio report nr.7 (Double speed)

It actually hit us like a bomb, when we (Tomas Bodin and me, both very occupied with the upcoming HFMC record as well as the opus "Crime Of The Century") realized the plan, The Flower Kings recordlabel Inside Out/Century Media, has for The Kings in the nearest future. The deadline for the master is 120303. Considering the fact that we started the recording at 120123, that's the world record right there, when it comes to producing a Flower Kings album. I spent all of yesterday at the "Cosmic Lodge" (nice to be back by the way) doing guitar overdubbs. As I listened to the backing tracks that were recorded at "Varispeed" (the studio) it strucked me. I mean in less than a month ago, we didn't even have a drummer. It was just about over 2 months, since we met for the first time in approximately 4 years. Nevertheless, the music I heard from the Genelec speakers of Roines studio sounded in my ears classic TFK, with all the significant elements that needs to be there. Aside from that, I like to think that there's a new attitude in the playing, probably very much thanks to the new guy Felix Lehrmann, who really proved to be a "smoking" drummer. I don't know? maybe it's not as "fine or polite" as previous albums by The Kings but hey...that suits me fine. In fact that's my cup of tea.

If I knew what I know now, at the beginning of November last year, I'd probably have postponed the recording of the new Hasse Fröberg & Musical Companion album. With gigs lined up on both sides of the Atlantic plus the fact that we were in the middle of the recording, to postpone this new adventure with HFMC was not even an option. Talking about gigs, as soon as we have our working visas for our trip to The States, we'll go official with what we've got at the moment. Next to RoSfest it looks like The Musical Companion will play another major festival within the prog scene, amongst other gigs this summer. As I just said, details later.

"See the opportunities"! I know it's a cliché but that's what I'm trying to say to myself when I can't sleep at night. Maybe it's too much going on after all??? To me it doesn't feel that way. I actually feel like I'm at least almost on top of it all, especially now that mr. Tomas Bodin and me were able to do a session (between the TFK ones), now on sunday. We will lift in Kjelles keys, Antons guitars, some replaced bass notes from Thomsson as well as Olas percussion. In other words, the moment of truth is here in the HFMC camp. Quite frankly, we couldn't wait any longer in case we need to adjust or rerecord something before the mix. In the middle of all this Tomas and me are still trying to deliver music to "Crime Of The Century" and we've managed to almost accidentally come up with a new song for it, more of that later. Ladies and Gentlemen, next on the agenda: Go official about the title of Hasse Fröberg & Musical Companion's upcoming album and the release date. Until then my friends!!!

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