Studio report nr.8 (The year of the dragon)

To say the schedule's been tight lately, would be a vast understatement. On top of that, corrupt files and missing solos that eventually ended up in 13 hours of troubleshooting yesterday. When things like this occur during your first day of mixing, you really need to remind yourself that music is fun. Nevertheless, here we are Tomas Bodin (sound engineer) and me mixing the new HFMC opus "POWERPLAY" and let me tell you, we really grabbed the bull by the horn. We started with the "epic" of the album, "The final hour" and today it feels a lot better. we've almost managed to make a "full mix" of the song, or maybe I should say songs because of all the different parts. In fact I'm going back to the studio when I've written this to complete it. Since I'm a man of traditions, I won't give away what I think about the songs and the album, until I've done the 100% proof "Jameson test". After that I might (just might) give you a little hint. By now, I've learnt that we missed out on one thing before our previous release "FuturePast". That's to give you the running order of the songs, titles, length, in fact all the data you need on "POWERPLAY". Since I'm a service minded lad, I guess I'll be able to give you just that by next week.

At the same time as Tomas and me are mixing the new HFMC album, Roine is mixing the upcoming TFK record. Isn't that hillarious? I mean how is it even possible... Anyway, both Tomas and me has completed our contributions to the "standard edition" of the CD (TFK). As soon as we're done mixing the HFMC album, we'll start to record the extra songs for the "limited edition" (TFK), which by the way is supposed to be something EXTRA (but you won't hear anything from me). Well...right now I've got my hands full and before the summer's here, you'll have your hands full of new new music from both Hasse Fröberg & Musical Companion and The Flower Kings. Stay tuned for information on upcoming gigs. I'm off for now, gotta song to mix!

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    How much one song report?

    How much one song report?

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