Studio report nr.9 (The full monty)

With a one week perspective, it's almost like you have to ask yourself...what happened? The first two months of 2012 has without a doubt been the most intense in my life. Of course it's not an ideal situation to record under a tight deadline, nevertheless it's something you have to handle. Guess we'll have the answer to that specific question in about a month from now, regardless if we want it or not. Once again this is a very honest recording, where you can really hear, sense, feel, I mean almost smell the musician behind each and every instrument. I'd say this is the naked truth of what HFMC is about 2012.

Before last night I hadn't listened to the album for some time and the first thing that strucked me when I put "Powerplay" in the CD player, is that it's more "wild and crazy" than "Futurepast". The arrangements are more "brave" and maybe "delicate"? There's lots more parts and sections in the songs, especially the longer ones. Since I still can't give you my 100% safe Jameson test (review of "Powerplay") and the fact that I still refuse to shovel my thoughts into your head, my recommendation for now is: "As soon as you get it, give it some spins and let "Powerplay" slowly invade your mind, soul and body!!!

Tonight Thomsson and me (in other words the "demon directors") will start to work on "The making of Powerplay", as well as some other video related stuff. The only thing I can promise you, is that they'll be just as "bad" as the previous ones. Ladies and Gent's...prepare for POWERPLAY!!!

HFMC will release their upcoming album Powerplay on Reingold Records. Release date: April 23 (preorders (April 13)

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