Studio report nr.I (The earthquake)

It's in fact walking distance from where I live to Big Jambo Studios. It's almost surreal to live that close to a nice studio like this. At 10 o clock sharp all the members of HFMC, sound engineer Jouni Niemi and Tomas Bodin entered the doors and within 5 minutes the "vibe" was there. To you who've met the band, I guess you know what I'm talking about. It's actually hard to describe but it's a kind of "lose and funky feeling", with a giant laugh just around the corner most of the time. After the compulsory drum (boom...boom...boom...) soundcheck, where the second floor tom sounded as big as a earthquake and Anton and me trying out about 5 amps each, we started to record about 2 o clock in the afternoon.

It's kind of funny, I tried out a Mesa Rectifier, a Blackstar amongst others but I ended up with my Fender (Concert) amp. However, in this part of the recording the drums have the highest priority so I let Ola choose the running order of the songs. So far we've recorded "Godsong", "Venice CA" and "Is it ever gonna happen" in that very order. I guess we must have about 6 or 7 versions of every song, so that we'll have plenty to choose from. I actually just came home, so I'm gonna settle down and relax for a while and have me a dinner. Tomorrow it's time again at 10 o clock. Look out for the next studio report tomorrow evening. Until then...

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