Studio report nr.III (The somewhat smaller guy on the second floor)

I must have been "dizzy" last night. I really don't know if I should laugh or cry? In studio report nr. II yesterday, I mentioned I could go on for "ages" in the studio 20 years ago, of course I meant 30 years ago. It's hillarious for Christ's sake! However just as I stated yesterday, that's certainly not the case nowadays. Anyway, we've now completed recording the backing tracks. During these 3 days we've been working on 8 songs and I have to say we've been a lot more careful this time compared to the recording of "FuturePast". In fact we've got 18 versions of "The final hour, part 3" to choose from. That's the "world record" for this session. When it comes to the other songs, I would say we've played or at least kept 5-7 takes of each and everyone that we recorded. I bet it'll take some time to sort all this out but the overall feeling I have, is that the last recorded version is the best.

This session was different from all the recordings I've done so far in my whole life and that goes for the other guys in the band as well. This was the first one we recorded without any headphones. Everyone except for poor Ola used the fantastic loudspeakers in the studio. Ola on the other hand was trapped on the second floor in the drum room with an awesome DW kit in front of him, so I honestly don't think he suffered that much. The atmosphere of recording without headphones, with an amazing sound to play on, standing next to the guys was incredible. It felt more like if you were rehearsing than recording and for this band it was an ideal situation. It actually felt like you were in your own livingroom, playing along to a cd you like with the exception of the remarkable clarity and separation in the sound.

Wow! we're actually doing it! We've started it all, now I just got some singing to do, some acoustic guitars, slide and harmony playing left. Anton got some leadguitar to take care of and of course some other playing as well. Congrats Kjelle! It's now or never.... or maybe I should say that it's now his work more or less starts. Ola got some percussion to do and of course Thomsson has some overdubbs to do on the bass, then I guess we have a new HFMC album ready. I guess that's it for now. Look out for studio report nr.4, sometime in the near future. Hail Rock n Roll !!!

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