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Progsheet CD review 

Hasse Froberg & Musical Companion - Powerplay (Reingold Records)

Hasse Froberg, for the uninitiated, is vocalist for the Swedish progressive band the Flower Kings. On this project, Froberg sings lead and plays a bazillion guitars. Joining him are Anton Lindsjo on guitars; Thomsson on bass; Ola Strandberg on drums; Kjell Haraldsson on keyboards. They are a monster ensemble - heavy and tight.

While their sound is contemporary, I can definitely feel an early 70s Deep purple / Uriah Heep heavy rock vibe…Read more

Review by Rok Podgrajšek 

After The Flower Kings took a break, the singer, Hasse Fröberg, decided it was time for a project more suited to his style, which would contain only his song-writing material. This year, we got the second installation of the Hasse Fröberg & Musical Companion band, called Powerplay.

If you know Hasse's ideas from The Flower Kings, you already get a sense of what Powerplay sounds like. But only slightly. There’s way more to it than that. We still get Hasse’s down-to-earth, simple melodies, which are built…Read more

RockTimes review by Steve Braun (June 21, 2012) 

Was soll man tun, wenn man als kreativer Kopf in einer progressiven Band, mit einem übermächtigen Leader ausgestattet, chronisch unterfordert ist? Völlig klar, man gründet ein ambitioniertes Sideproject! Die Rede ist natürlich (in chronologischer Folge) von Hasse Fröberg, den Flower Kings und Roine Stolt! Seit dem (tollen) 2007er Album The Sum Of No Evil lagen die Blumenkönige erstmal auf Eis, wohl hauptsächlich weil Stolt sein anderes 'Baby', Transatlantic, an die Brust legen wollte. Sänger und Gitarrist…Read more

InRock review by Elena Savitskaya 

Hasse Froberg & Musical Companion "Powerplay" (2012)

progressive rock 10/10
Reingold Records

Второй альбом – это всегда сложно, даже для музыкантов, которым, казалось бы, не надо ничего доказывать. Таким, как Хассё Фрёберг – солист The Flower Kings, группы-иконы современного прог-рока, бывший вокалист легенды шведского глэм-метала Spellbound и т. д. и т. п. Впрочем, продвигать сольную команду даже такому известному музыканту непросто: "партизанский маркетинг" в социальных сетях и помощь друзей в…Read more

Review by Cyrille Delanlssays, AmarokProg (June 6, 2012) 

Note : 8.5

Titre : enthousiasmant

Voilà enfin un bon album de rock progressif électrique qui flirte avec les années 70 dans une forme d’espièglerie réjouissante. Déjà coupable d’un premier album jouissif (Future Past, 2010), le guitariste/chanteur Hasse Fröberg et ses compagnons musiciens (Kjell Haraldsson, Ola Strandberg, Anton Lindsjö & Thomsson) reviennent au galop. Précédé de ces antécédents prometteurs, Powerplay mérite à nouveau toute l’attention nécessaire. Les neuf titres de haut niveau se…

Read more

Review by Harald Schmidt @ BabyBlaue-Seiten 

Der Albumtitel hält, was er verspricht – ein Powerplay von Hasse Fröberg, dem Sänger der Flower Kings. Er komponiert und arrangiert die Musik - schreibt alle Texte und produziert mit Tomas Bodin auch noch das gesamte Album. Und seine Musik hat Wumms und Klasse!
Clever wechseln sich kürzere, eingängigere Songs mit längeren Prog-Powerplays ab, so gerät das Album kurzweilig und ist nicht nur Prog, sondern auch Rock: Die kürzeren Stücke können mit gelegentlicher Hardrock-Attitüde an große Zeiten von Journey,…Read more

Review by Paul @ Morpheus (May 2012) 


Progressive rock in the grand tradition of the early nineteen seventies.The first thing that struck me about Powerplay is that this album proudly builds upon the towering heritage of prog - no apologies, no watering down, no blending of more recent genres to 'update' the music. This is the album that Yes should have released: glorious, expansive, energetic, fragile, huge. I have to say that Fröberg and company have restored my interest in the genre to a degree far greater than I would have imagined…Read more

Musicwaves review by Corto1809 (May 10, 2012) 

Après un premier album plutôt bien accueilli par la communauté progressive, Hasse Fröberg, le chanteur et guitariste des célèbres Flower Kings, nous revient avec ses Musical Companion dans un album intitulé "Powerplay".

Diantre ! Le titre de cet opus a de quoi inquiéter quand on sait que le garçon avait déjà légèrement lâché la bride à un rock sensiblement plus musclé sur "Future Past" que ce à quoi il nous avait habitué avec la bande à Roine Stolt. "Powerplay" s'affranchirait-il encore plus des…Read more

Review by Janne Stark  

Hasse Fröberg is foremost known as lead singer of eighties melodic metal band Spellbound and lately as lead singer of progressive band The Flower Kings. When Hasse now puts his name on his own product, it’s closer to the last, but with hints of the first. The band’s first effort proved he was definitely on the right path. A strong debut indeed. The follow-up, Powerplay, starts off with My River To Cross. I totally love the way this track builds up. It starts out quite gentle, pop-symphonic and in the vein…Read more

Review by Jordan Blum, (June 19, 2012) 

Swedish guitarist/vocalist Hasse Fröberg is no stranger to progressive rock fans. As a founder and current member of The Flower Kings, he’s lent his voice and six string skills to some of the genre's most beloved albums. However, he’s also been involved in several side projects, including his solo outfit, Hasse Fröberg and the Musical Companion. With its second release, "Powerplay," the quintet firmly establishes itself as a powerful force in the scene. While it feels a bit more generic and colorless than…Read more