Stark Music Review of FuturePast (December 2010)

 Former Spellbound, current Flower Kings singer Hasse Fröberg has now compiled all his musical ideas into a masterful musical melting pot. He actually has invited some former Spellbound colleagues to accompany him, such as bass player Thomsson and drummer Ola Strandberg. Besides these fellas there are ace guitarist Anton Lindsjö and keyboard player Kjell Haraldsson. If you’re expecting the good old melodic 80s metal of Spellbound, forget it. If you’re however a latter day fan of Hasse’s where his vocal performance in The Flower Kings is of your liking, you should definitely check this out. HFMC is a highly progressive/symphonic band in the vein of The Flower Kings, but actually with a more melodic edge, still very heavy at times though. There are actually even hints of Saga in places. In the later part of “Fallen Empire” for example, where the chorus has more of an AOR/pomp-touch. I also hear influences of Yes and Genesis in the subsequent “Song For July”. Hasse feels a bit more relaxed and free vocally compared to The Flower Kings, more akin to what he did in Spellbound, but with a more mature touch. The songs are very well constructed and the arrangements are killer. A song like 14 minute “Piece Of The Sky” NEVER gets boring, on the contrary, it keeps surprising you all the time. With Queen-like precision the song slithers seamlessly from poppy sing-along parts, though heavy guitar riffs to proggy parts. These are some great musicians, too, I must say! Lindsjö is one hell of a guitar player that at times shows quite a jazzy side to his playing, which gives the songs yet another dimension. “Above” is yet another killer track which also moves through several musical dimensions, starting out with a dead heavy riff that changes into a subtle Pink Floydish landscape with Lindsjö sounding like he was breast fed with Gilmour’s smooth guitar melodies. This is nothing short of awesome! No offence to The Flower Kings, but I personally like this way more! For some reason I kept thinking about the golden oldie “You Keep Me Hangin’ On” when I listen to “Everyday”. Never mind, it’s probably just my ears. “The Ultimate Thrill” has to be my absolute favourite track, though. This is HEAVY rock!! Old school classic heavy rock with concrete heavy guitars á la carte! Awesome, indeed!

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