This is the first piece of music and visuals from our upcoming album We Are The Truth. Enjoy the video and feel free to share it and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

This is what Hasse says about the song:

The reason we chose to make a video to the song 'To Those Who Rule The World' is because it represents the album and showcases the band in a good way. The lyrics is almost written in a naive or maybe even childish tone. Still I think it reflects the way many of us are feeling today. This is 6 minutes of crazy, sometimes groovy, sometimes epic but always accessible music, here together with a catchy video. This is HFMC and 'To Those Who Rule The World'

Directed by: Sampo Axelsson and Johnny Taxén
Filmed by: Johnny Taxén
Editor: Sampo Axelsson
Produced by: HFMC and Rockwater Productions
Record label: GlassVille Records
Album order:

Swedish progressive rockers HFMC announce the forthcoming release of their 5th studio album

"We are the truth" on November 26th, 2021 on GlassVille Records.

Hasse Fröberg declares about the album:

"We Are The Truth is our most adventurous album to date. The music is positive, warm, organic, soulful and thoughtful. The lyrics are a cry for compassion, respect and love.

"We Are The Truth is both musically and lyrically very much about the world today".

The album will be available as CD digipack with 16-page booklet, Limited Gatefold Double LP with 8-page booklet and Digital Download.

Pre-order starts September 3rd on

Track list:
1.    To Those Who Rule The World (7:29)
2.    Other Eyes (12:55)
3.    Rise Up (4:47)
4.    The Constant Search For Bravery (8:59)
5.    Yoko ( 6:36)
6.    We Are The Truth (6:45)
7.    Shaken And Stirred (7:13)
8.    Every Second Counts (3:55)
9.    A Spiritual Change (10:53)


Video Release on our YouTube channel

Our song 'All Those Faces' is our tribute to the audience, music fans around the globe. In a world of cancelled tours and festivals, we came up with the idea of making a video where both the band and fans are applying "social distancing". To us this is a positive song, and the video made by Mr Johnny Taxén reflects that in a nice way. If you like what you hear and see, feel free to share. Last but not least, a big thank you to 'All Those Faces' that appears in the video!

Check out our latest album release: Parallel Life.
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GlassVille Records

Produced by: Hasse Fröberg and Kjell Sandberg
Sound engineers: Kjell Sandberg and Bosse Lindmark
Artwork by: Ed Unitsky -
Photos by: Tallee Savage -
Label: GlassVille Records
Management: Johnny Taxén - Rockwater Productions

The album has been recorded at Soundfront Productions.

1. Parallel Life – 21:46 
(Music: Fröberg/Strandberg/Haraldsson Lyrics: Fröberg)
I. A prophet's escape
II. To change
III. You and life
IV. Hand to the sky
V. An otherworldly purpose
VI. A choice moment
2. Sleeping with the ghost – 05:28 
(Music: Fröberg Lyrics: Fröberg)
3. Time waits – 10:40 
(Music: Strandberg Lyrics: Strandberg)
4. All those faces – 04:54 
(Music: Fröberg Lyrics: Fröberg)
5. Rain – 08:32 
(Music: Fröberg Lyrics: Fröberg)
6. Friday – 05:51 
(Music: Fröberg Lyrics: Fröberg)
7. Never alone – 08:22 
(Music: Fröberg Lyrics: Fröberg)

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