On the 12th of September HFMC will release their fourth and long-awaited studio album 'Parallel Life'. Pre-orders available from the 19th of July at Parallel Life will be for sale at Prog At Sea (31/8 -1/9 2019).

Produced by: Hasse Fröberg and Kjell Sandberg
Sound engineers: Kjell Sandberg and Bosse Lindmark
Artwork by: Ed Unitsky -
Photos by: Tallee Savage -
Label: GlassVille Records

The album has been recorded at Soundfront Productions.


1. Parallel Life – 22:32 
(Music: Fröberg/Strandberg/Haraldsson Lyrics: Fröberg)
I. A prophet's escape
II. To change
III. You and life
IV. Hand to the sky
V. An otherworldly purpose
VI. A choice moment

2. Sleeping with the ghost – 05:27 
(Music: Fröberg Lyrics: Fröberg)

3. Time waits – 09:56 
(Music: Strandberg Lyrics: Strandberg)

4. All those faces – 04:46 
(Music: Fröberg Lyrics: Fröberg)

5. Rain – 09:05 
(Music: Fröberg Lyrics: Fröberg)

6. Friday – 05:40 
(Music: Fröberg Lyrics: Fröberg)

7. Never alone – 08:20 
(Music: Fröberg Lyrics: Fröberg)


GlassVille and HFMC is about to start a new partnership with a company regarding logistics. Because of that the date for pre-orders is postponed from the original date, 28/6 2019. We will soon come back with a new date. We are sorry for the inconvenience that it may caused.  


We are happy to announce that HFMC is a part of the line up at  Prog At Sea on the 31th of August. On the cruise we will take the opportunity to have a release party for our upcoming album Parallel Life.


Check out our upcoming shows during 2019 so far. There are more dates to come. Check out the Tour page for more information.

YouTube Channel

Check out and subscribe on our YouTube channel (HFMC - Hasse Fröberg & Musical Companion). Here we share some exclusive material for you. For example Godsong from a live performance in Paris back in 2015. Filmed and edit by Olivier Dague and the guys at Mad French.

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