Due to circumstances we could not predict we need to reschedule the release of the upcoming HFMC album until 2019. One of the reasons is Hasses extensive touring with "The Flower Kings Revisited" in November and December. Another reason is that the studio has been under construction but it is now complete, which means we can work without unexpected stops from now on. At this point we have a title for the album and the artwork taken care of by a well-known and established artist. Stay tuned for the coming release date and all things possible you need to know within short.


HFMC have some upcoming shows during 2018. Check out the Tour page for more information.

YouTube Channel

Check out and subscribe on our YouTube channel (HFMC - Hasse Fröberg & Musical Companion). Here we share some exclusive material for you. For example Godsong from a live performance in Paris back in 2015. Filmed and edit by Olivier Dague and the guys at Mad French.

No Place Like Home - The Concert

No Place Like Home contains music from a time span of 20 years. There's music from all three HFMC albums, some Flower Kings classics plus two previously unreleased songs. On the DVD you can also find interviews and behind the scenes material from the tour on the "mandatory" extra section. The package includes 1 DVD, 2 CD:s, a 12-page booklet with liner notes and all possible information on the recorded show at Reginateatern as well as the HFMC tour. Released 1/9 - 2017

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1 *DVD Digipak, 2 audio CD and a 12 page booklet


*Available in PAL or NTSC (region free).