HFMC is currently in the studio recording the follow-up to the Live DVD/Album No Place Like Home - The Concert (2017). This time the band has chosen to record at Soundfront Studios (Studio 1 Kjellarn) together with sound engineer Kjell Sandberg. The amount of music recorded so far could easily make a double CD. Still the band has decided to concentrate on making approximately one hour of music ready for release around summertime 2018. Among the songs the band is focusing on is Sleeping With the Ghost, All Those Faces and a 25 minute epic called Parallell Life. According to Hasse, the direction of the music on the still untitled album is: "More technichal but without us losing the heart and soul we put in to our music. I'd say all the elements that's required for the classic HFMC sound are in place but definitely with a new twist. You better learn to expect the unexpected.

No Place Like Home

HFMC (Hasse Fröberg & Musical Companion) from Uppsala is inviting all of you to a special and unique concert at Reginateatern in Uppsala, Sweden on sunday the 24th of April. Doors 17:00 Showtime 18:00

After a European tour that has taken the band to Germany, The Netherlands, England, France, Norway, Estonia and Sweden (of course) the guys are now back in their hometown Uppsala for an exclusive concert at the wonderful venue Reginateatern. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience HFMC on this special night in front of a camera team, filming the event for a coming Live DVD. The show will be based on the band’s latest album “HFMC” and of course songs from the previous two records. The band also promises to play a new and never before performed song and as if that isn’t enough, who knows? Maybe, even some classic songs by The Flower Kings.

Join the guys for this event and make it magic – No Place Like Home - 

Reginateatern, Uppsala on sunday the 24th of April. Doors 17:00 Showtime 18:00.


“…It turns out that “this one” is a quite marvellous “Pages” which, in common with just about everything else in this magnificent 75 minutes, is incredible. Much of it – including the aforementioned tune, is from their new “HFMC” record, and although it only came out this year, it has that timeless, classic quality that only the best Prog Rock has. Almost flawless, it is the stone-cold stunning “Something Worth Dying For” that really shines. Froberg and fellow guitarist Anton Lindsjo meshing superbly and trading licks just for the fun of it.” (Maximum Volume Music, UK)

“As the sound of the sonorous ticking of a clock fills the room, I am transported once more to a murky Sunday night in London. Downstairs in The Underworld, the lights go down, Hasse Fröberg and Musical Companion take to the stage, and those of us who are fortunate enough to be gathered there are treated to an experience of such exquisite virtuosity, passionate commitment and joyful dedication to musical expression that I doubt (and most sincerely hope) that it will ever be forgotten “ (Progradar, UK)

The show was absolutely flawless – all things at their places, all that sharp-cut details are on air, the band at the peak of its form. And the very same warm and beautiful voice... HFMC sounds extremely solid and powerful now, with some sort of easiness and inspiration, when you don’t need to think about notes, chords and so on. The Companions is an amazing live band” (InRock, Rus)

Genius - music video release


We chose this day for the premiere of the video to Genius since it would have been Freddies birthday today. This film was once again filmed and directed by Thomas Schon and Kicki Holmén. Genius is taken from the 2015 release HFMC on Glassville Records.


Glassville Music and Inside Out Music proudly presents Hasse Fröberg & Musical Companion and the American band Enchant as the bands are heading out on a double headliner tour of Europe in October. Here's also HFMC:s show at the festival Slottskogen Goes Progressive in Gothenburgh.

Here are the dates:


Aug 29 - Slottsskogen Goes Progressive, Gothenburgh, S

Oct 05 - Magnet, Berlin, DE

Oct 06 - Kranhalle, Munchen, DE

Oct 07 - Zentrum Altenberg, Oberhausen, DE

Oct 08 - Das Rind, Russelsheim, DE

Oct 09 - Schocken Club, Stuttgart, DE

Oct 10 - De Boerderij, Zoetermeer, NL

Oct 11 - The Underworld, London, UK

Oct 12 - The Robin 2, Bilston, UK

Oct 13 - Backstage, Paris, FR

Nov 20 - Bryggarsalen (Sweden prog fest), Stockholm, S


Feb 19 - Rockclub Tapper, Tallinn EE

Apr 24 - Reginateatern, Uppsala SE

For more information and tickets, press ticket links

No.1 in the Progressive Chart

Great news for the band. HFMC has been voted album of the month by prog fans around the globe in the Progressive Chart!

Release date

Today is the release of HFMC. The band is throwing a releaseparty at the Pub 19 in Uppsala tomorrow. Livedates will be announced soon. If you don't want to miss out on anything, feel free to sign up for our newsletter.

We are very proud to announce that "Classic Rock goes Prog" will be the first to exclusively show our brand new video to the song "Can't stop the clock". The premiere was launched at 3 pm UK time today.

Can’t stop the clock is a song with drastic changes in keys, tempos, dynamics and even in styles. I mean why make things easy as we serve you progressive rock, heavy metal, arena/stadium rock, pop, ballad, hard rock and symphonic rock. The lyrics are about how we perceive time as well as a short odyssey of my life as a musician. Most of the scenes in the video were recorded at a Herrgård (a smaller version of a castle) somewhere in Sweden. I mean we’re musicians not actors, that’s why I chose to focus on the band in their right element, playing.




1. Seconds - 01:47

2. Can't stop the clock - 07:22

3. Everything can change - 05:13

4. Pages - 15:22

5. Genius - 05:47

6. In the warmth of the evening - 10:42

7. Something worth dying for - 05:30

8. Someone else's fault - 10:13

9. Minutes - 01:07


HFMC - Update (June 2013)

HFMC will start to work on their third still untitled album on August 8th. The band will once again record the backing tracks at Big Jambo Studios together with Jouni Niemi and collaborate with sound engineer Petrus Königsson to record vocals, overdubbs etc.

Hasse says: “To me, this set of songs sounds a bit more theatrical and maybe even more experimental compared to the material on our previous albums. I’m not saying it’s a concept album but lyricwise I’ve noticed that the songs are about how we see and experience time. It’s nothing I planned, in fact I realized it just the other week as I was listening through the demos. Apart from that I guess we used some familiar HFMC ingredients as we put some spicy prog, juicy rock and sweet pop in the stew, just added with a little more temper this time!”

The album is planned to be released in May 2014 and will be followed by a tour later in the autumn. Stay tuned for more info.

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