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We Are The Truth:  CD digipack with 16-page booklet, Limited Gatefold Double LP with 8-page booklet and Digital Download.

Release date: November 26th

Pre-order: starts September 3rd, 03:00 pm (CET)

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1. To Those Who Rule The World (7:29)
2. Other Eyes (12:55)
3. Rise Up (4:47)
4. The Constant Search For Bravery (8:59)
5. Yoko ( 6:36)
6. We Are The Truth (6:45)
7. Shaken And Stirred (7:13)
8. Every Second Counts (3:55)
9. A Spiritual Change (10:53)

  • HFMC: CD
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  1. Seconds
  2. Can't Stop the Clock
  3. Everything Can Change
  4. Pages
  5. Genius
  6. In the Warmth of the Evening
  7. Something Worth Dying For
  8. Someone Else´s Fault
  9. Minutes
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Parallel Life: CD, Vinyl & Digital

Order at GlassVille Records

1. Parallel Life
I. A prophet's escape
II. To change
III. You and life
IV. Hand to the sky
V. An otherworldly purpose
VI. A choice moment

2. Sleeping with the ghost
3. Time waits
4. All those faces
5. Rain 
6. Friday
7. Never alone