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As I'm sitting here writing down the info on titles and the length of the songs of our upcoming album Powerplay, I'm actually listening to it. After a couple of sleepless nights , due to late night mastering (thank you Jouni), I'm finally here listening to the album for real. Of course I promised Reingold Records we'll be ready about a week ago (because of promotion etc and even that would be late). Nevertheless, right now the stuff is on it's way to Dicentia to become the final product - Powerplay:


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The Amp (January 10, 2011) 

 Happy New Year everybody! I've come to the point in my life where I'm looking for an amp with a loud but clean sound. For years I've been playing with a "sweet and thick" distorsion and the clean sound has always suffered. This time I thought it was time for a change. I've just bought myself a Paul Rivera built Fender concert (60 w) from 82. It's an all tube amp, loud as hell but still 100% clean, not even a little bit of "crunch". 10 minutes ago I switched it off and now I'm trying to digest the…Read more

Go Easy With Pyrotechnics (December 29, 2010) 

 The mighty year of 2010 has come to an end and what could be a better way to end it, than to rehearse with HFMC! I've already told you about my feelings since we released FuturePast. I also mentioned some of the plans for 2011. I actually spoke to Mark "Truey" Trueack of Unitopia just before Christmas about "The Hope" project among other things. He informed me it's still on and it's progressing nice and easy but a little slow (sounds familiar!). Do you remember? Some blogs ago I mentioned a meeting that…Read more

Just Another Year (December 19, 2010) 

 I'm actually not gonna quote the Irish schlager singer Johnny Logan and state that this has been "just another year". That's certainly not the case, quite the contrary I would say. 2010 has for the lads and me been rather extraordinary! After the fact that we mastered FuturePast for the third time and I realized that we wouldn't be able to release it before the summer, it was like bloody torture to sit on your and wait for over 3 months to get it out in the open. Since then it's been like a ride to…Read more

Ready For Dessert? (December 15, 2010) 

 Finally! At last I can give you the dates of our next little trip of the FuturePast tour 2010/2011. Since we decided to not do England this time, I was forced to cancel one show and "reschedule" two of the other gigs. After lots of e-mails and phone calls, this is what it looks like:

110127: John Dee - Oslo (Norway). Together with Norwegian band Magic Pie.

110226: Musikens Hus - Gothenburgh (Sweden). Festival with Wasa Express and Lone Star Retractor.

110227: Into Music - Lund (Sweden).

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Here's Another Bite (December 6, 2010) 

 First of all, tonight or today "and" tomorrow (depending on where you live) you can listen to Rick Dashiell of Delicious Agony and the investigating questions he had for me. I don't know what this little dialogue will end up like? But I remember we talked about the obvious, HFMC, FuturePast and also a little about TFK. As I remember it, we did it randomly in a relaxed and cozy way. For more information, this is the way to go:

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Something To Chew On (December 1, 2010) 

 I had me some breakfast a little while ago and it strucked me, it's been a while since I informed you about what's going on in the HFMC camp. We're just about to start to rehearse some new material, we're gonna do that now on saturday. That means it's once again time for a "moment of truth" situation. I have to confess, I absolutely don't know what to expect of what the guys will think of the new songs? I'm mighty excited and frankly a little nervous about it. At the same time we have to continue to…Read more

The Mystery (November 16, 2010) 

 Life can be a mystery? A while back I got a message on facebook and yesterday we had our second meeting about it. I have to say that in the end this might turn out into something quite extraordinary? Yesterday, I talked to an old friend of mine who said that things were moving in a certain direction?�I know it couldn't get anymore cryptic than this but sometime in the future I hope I'll be able to say, remember where you heard it first with this blog in mind. Yesterday�I also got a phonecall from the…Read more

The Sign (November 10, 2010) 

 Last week I got a sign from Ken and Gerri of the Canadian based "Longshot Productions". They informed me that they're putting the final touches on our upcoming video to the song "Fallen Empire". Let me tell you, I'm just as curious as you are! I haven't got a clue to what they've been up to? Normally I would've been more involved but the way this "thing" happened, made me leave the control to these Canadian friends. I've seen some other videos that they've done. That + the fact that they really love the…Read more

Chemistry (November 4, 2010) 

Hey, guess what! Playing in a band must be the greatest thing there is. First of all it's the sheer joy of playing music together, when you've become one with the song and the guys playing it (if you get what I mean?). Then it's of course the social bit. I mean you share both good and bad times but what really separates the boys from the men, is touring. Being together 24/7 for a couple of weeks or maybe a month, requires lots of qualities of all members. It's under conditions like these, you really can see…Read more