Studio report nr.II (Lying down feeding with the doubles)

It's very common that you're in a more relaxed mood as soon as you've done your first day in the studio. That's what it was like today but it's a good feeling though. It's just that you have to remind the lads and even yourself sometimes, to play with the kind of "energy" the song requires (the older you get, the ears gets more and more tired). I have to confess, even your head gets tired faster nowadays. 20 years ago you could record for 15 hours in a row before someone reminded you that maybe it's time for lunch or whatever. That's certainly not the case nowadays!

During the recording and before the release of "FuturePast", I refused to give you my thoughts or my reflections on the songs, since it's up to you to decide what you think and I won't do it this time either. Even though, I just feel I have to tell you the spontaneous reaction from our sound engineer mr. Jouni Niemi, after we tracked down one of our tunes. I actually think it was THE "key" moment for this recording when he stated after one of the songs: "Jesus...what a bloody good song you've got there!". After such a reaction you kind of get the feeling that nothing can go wrong. Of course I understand that plenty of things can go wrong, still it boosts up the confidence to hear such a thing, especially since you hardly know the guy who said it.

Talking about Jouni, his knowledge, his talent when it comes to sound and all the technichal stuff that comes with it, is unbelievable. He's also a nice guy to hang around with and that's almost equally important if you want a good result. Tomas Bodin also paid us a visit today to get a hint of what's going on, to hear what the new material sounds like. As far as I could see he left the studio with a smile and promised to be back tomorrow and so will we. Who knows, maybe it's time to calm down with a little taste of the Swedish Whisky Mackmyra, before I go to bed. Tomorrow it's time for "Studio report nr.III". Talk to you soon!

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